Santa Barbara County Public Works Transportation Division
Santa Barbara County Public Works Transportation Division

Current Projects

Hot Springs Road
Shoulder Improvements

The Hot Springs Shoulder Improvement project is part of larger efforts to complete repairs to county facilities throughout Montecito, damaged or destroyed, during the January 9th Debris Flow Incident and subsequent storms. As part of that work, the County is constructing improved walking shoulders that were identified in the Montecito Community Plan. This new path from the City Limits to Middle Road will increase connectivity and enhances recent work by the Bucket Brigade and Montecito Trails Foundation to maintain and create a walkable community.

Construction includes moving the curb out towards the road about two feet and clearing a path along the shoulder. The project footprint is entirely in the County’s road right of way and is designed to limit impacts to residents’ landscaping and other encroachments in front of their houses.

This project is tentatively scheduled to start on January 25, 2021 and finish by February 12, 2021.

Project Scope:

  • Construction of new curb, shifting it out towards the road to minimize impacts to encroachments such as landscaping, etc.
  • Regrading the east shoulder to re-establish clear zones and provide 4-6’ flat areas behind the curb
  • Placing base rock behind the curb
  • Constructing new asphalt driveway approaches
  • Resetting mailboxes and other encroachments as needed

As a separate project, the County is working with community groups to install a decomposed granite surface. That project will occur after completion of the curb and driveway improvements.

North Jameson Lane Guardrail Repair

The Thomas Fire Debris flow on January 8, 2018 caused extensive damage to the County’s transportation network within Montecito, Summerland and Carpinteria. This segment of N Jameson Lane experienced damage including destroyed bridge approach guardrail, crash cushions, drainage facilities, as well as deposition of debris along the roadway shoulder as a result of flooding and direct impacts to the structures and safety installations. Public Works Department installed temporary concrete barriers and crash cushions that have remained in place the last two and a half years while the project was designed, permitted, and authorized for construction. Construction on this project is expected to begin

on November 30, 2020 and finish by January 6, 2021.

East Mountain Drive over San Ysidro Creek Bridge Replacement

This project will replace a bridge destroyed when an adjacent gas line exploded during the January 9th Debris Flow. As part of a settlement with SCE, the County has spent over $10M restoring infrastructure damaged or destroyed by that event. Replacement of this bridge is part of that program, and is scheduled to begin in December 2020. Construction includes drilling and pouring pile foundations, constructing bridge wall abutments, and placing a prefabricated steel bridge over the San Ysidro Creek on East Mountain Drive near Park Lane. The bridge will serve pedestrians and bicyclists accessing recreational trails in the area, including one that traverses the San Ysidro Ranch on the west side of the creek. The bridge will be closed to vehicles, except emergency services if/when needed. This project is expected to be finished by January 28, 2021.

Isla Vista Pasado Road Infill Project

Constructing sidewalk on Pasado Road betwen Camino Corto and Camino Pescadero will complete key links in the sidewalk network and improve pedestrian route connectivity in the Isla Vista area. Pasado Road is a residential street with high pedestrian traffic. This project will serve a large number of residents in the Isla Vista community and provide improved pedestrian access to several nearby businesses and the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) campus. Over half of the funding for construction is anticipated to come from UCSB and is part of an ongoing five-year plan between the County of Santa Barbara and the University to improve pedestrian safety and infill missing sidewalk locations within Isla Vista. Construction is scheduled to begin in February 2021 and to be completed by May 2021.