Santa Barbara County Public Works Transportation Division
Santa Barbara County Public Works Transportation Division

Current Projects

Floradale Bridge Replacement

The demolition of the current six span, 521-ft, two-lane Floradale Ave Bridge and associated roadway approaches and replacement with a new 580-ft two lane concrete bridge and roadway approaches. The new bridge would provide the same number of travel lanes (two) but would be approx 1.5 ft wider. The total width including rails would be approx 43.5 ft. The proposed bridge would consist of a four span cast-in-place-post-tensioned concrete box girder, with a type 742 barrier with tubular bicycle railing. The bridge would be supported on seat type abutments and three 6-ft by 8-ft single column piers on 10-ft cast-in-drilled-hole piles. The new bridge would be located approximately 60 feet west of the current bridge and reconstruction of the existing intersection of Floradale Ave and Rancho Lompoc Farm Rd. The current schedule is to request construction authorization from Caltrans and Federal Highways Administration (FHWA) in September of 2020, and advertise the project in October or November of 2020 in order to begin construction in Spring 2021. The project will have a 2-year construction period, with parallel construction of new bridge structure while maintaining traffic on the existing structure. Once new bridge structure is complete and traffic is able to utilize, the existing bridge structure will be demolished.

Union Valley Parkway Barrier Wall

Residents abutting the Union Valley Parkway / US 101 southbound on-ramp will soon see a barrier between themselves and the on-ramp.  The County will be using pre-fabricated modular wall system approximately 11 feet high and panels about 10’ wide.  To be built entirely within Caltrans’ right-ow-way, the barrier wall will be about 800 feet long along the on-ramp. 

Construction is anticipated to start in April 2021 and will finish in May.