Santa Barbara County Public Works Transportation Division
Santa Barbara County Public Works Transportation Division

Current Projects

Bella Vista Low Water Crossing

This project will increase resiliency for the Montecito Community by improving the low water crossing on Bella Vista over Romero Creek. Work includes replacing three corrugated metal pipes installed under the road with a bottomless arch culvert. The arch culvert will have a higher capacity for stream flow, which will reduce the frequency and duration of road closures when creek flows exceed the capacity of the existing pipes.

Construction is scheduled to start in late October and be completed by early December, depending on weather. Bella Vista will be closed during construction because the road will be removed for construction of the culvert. The Department appreciates your patience while this work is completed.

Floradale Bridge Replacement

On June 9, 2021, construction began on the new Floradale Avenue Bridge west of Lompoc. The new bridge will be 60 feet longer, constructed adjacent to the existing bridge, and include aesthetic enhancements, including stained tubular bicycle railing and a concrete barrier with stained faux cobblestones and stacked rocks. The existing bridge that crosses the Santa Ynez River was built in 1969 and is being replaced due to seismic deficiencies. Once the new bridge is complete, the existing bridge will be demolished. The new 580-ft two-lane concrete bridge will incorporate four-span cast-in-place post-tensioned concrete box girders and provide the same number of travel lanes as the current bridge.  MCM Construction will construct the project, which is expected to be completed in 2023.

Funding for the $16 million project will be provided by the Federal Highway Bridge Program ($14.2 million), Proposition 1B State Seismic Funds ($600K), and Local Funds ($1.2 million). For this project, the County will temporarily provide funds for the project as costs are incurred and reimbursement from the oversubscribed Federal Highway Bridge Program occurs.

Brooktree Road Culvert Replacement

This project will replace a culvert on Brooktree Road in Montecito that was damaged by the 1/9 Debris Flow. Construction is expected to begin August 2021 and finish by November. Funding for this $600K project comes from FEMA ($200K) and SB1 state funds ($400K).

Hot Springs Road Bridge Repairs

This bridge was damaged during the 1/9 Debris Flow and the original railing was completely destroyed. This project will construct a barrier to replace the old rail and bring it up to current standards. Construction will begin later in 2021.

20-21 Countywide Pavement Rehabilitation

and Fog Sealing 

The current Capital Maintenance project listed in the FY 20/21 Road Maintenance Annual Plan (RdMAP). The project locations are countywide and includes rehabilitation of approximately 12 lane miles of pavement and fog sealing of approximately 20 lane miles in the 3rd, 4th and 5th supervisorial districts. Construction is scheduled to begin in September 2021 and completed by end of 2021.

The pavement rehabilitation portion of this project includes cold planing, geosynthetic interlayer, and overlay treatments. Cold planing involves grinding off the top layer where the majority of cracking occurs. Where severe cracking is observed, the crack growth rate is significantly mitigated by adding geosynthetic interlayer between the existing surface and the new overlay. The fog sealing portion of this project includes a single application of emulsified asphalt to recently rehabilitated roads. The fog sealing can be a valuable aid to renew weathered asphalt surfaces and improve surface appearance, seal minor cracks and surface voids, and rejuvenate the pavement structure. These preventive and rehabilitative treatments are some of the main strategies the Department employs in its Pavement Preservation Program.