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Goleta Beach Park Bridge Replacement at Goleta Slough

The project will replace the existing bridge on a new alignment, west of the existing crossing. The bridge replacement on a new alignment will allow the existing bridge to remain in service during the construction of the new bridge. The new bridge and roadway approaches will provide two traffic lanes, shoulders, a sidewalk, and a bike lane for a total width of 53.5 feet. With this new design, the sidewalk and bike lane will be separated from vehicle traffic.

The bridge will have many aesthetic design features to enhance the park visitors’ experience and complement the surrounding environment. The features include decorative bike railing, a stained and stamped pedestrian walkway that will simulate a boardwalk, faux cobblestone and wood bridge railing.

Goleta Beach Park will remain open during construction. Park hours are 8 a.m. through sunset. The contractor’s work site will occupy a section of the parking lot. For the safety of visitors, we ask parents to keep children away from construction activity and be aware of heavy equipment. For general information about park operations, please call (805) 568-2460.

The contract was awarded to MCM Construction, Inc. on Tuesday, June 21, 2016. The construction is scheduled to begin in July 2016 and is expected to be completed by August 2017. The cost of the project is $4.86 million, the Federal Highway Bridge Program will fund 88.53% and California Toll Credits will fund 11.47%.

For more information about the bridge project, call (805) 681-4990 or email at


March 6, 2018
The Goleta Beach Bridge Project ribbon cutting ceremony is pending.

December 13, 2017

The Goleta Beach Bridge Project is complete. A ribbon cutting ceremony will occur pending the Thomas Fire.


September 29, 2017

The new Goleta Beach Bridge was opened to traffic last month, but there are a few more items to finish before the entire project is complete. The contractor is currently halfway through demolition work on the old bridge. This video shows a hydraulic breaker demolishing the concrete and moving it aside before it is removed from the work area. The breaker weighs about 8000 pounds and applies impact loads of around 1200 pounds. Any aquatic life that was in the area has been removed until the work is complete. Sheet piles will help retain the gravel work area and outside exclusion curtains help isolate the slough during the demolition. Work finished on the north side of the slough last week and will start on the south side next week. The bridge demolition should take about three weeks to complete.


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October 19, 2017

Granite Construction will pave a sixty-foot section of the bike path near the new bridge at Goleta Beach County Park on October 25, 2017. MCM Construction will control traffic in the area and close the bridge to bike traffic from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. The detour for cyclists will proceed along Sandspit Road, Fairview Avenue, Hollister Avenue, and Ward Memorial Drive. For more information about the bridge project, call (805) 681-4990 or email

Goleta Beach Bike Path Detour 


July 31, 2017

After nearly a year of construction, the new Goleta Beach Park bridge was opened to traffic. The contractors, MCM Construction, moved automotive traffic to the new bridge in order to start work on the demolition of the old bridge. Bicycle and pedestrian traffic will remain on the old bridge for one more day until temporary rails can be installed on the new bridge. Remaining project tasks include demolition of the existing bridge, aesthetic treatments on the bridge, and landscaping. The entire Goleta Beach Park bridge project is expected to be finished in September. 

Both lanes will initially open to traffic on the new bridge, but future work will require traffic to be reduced to a single lane. The unfinished bridge deck will have temporary striping until grooving and grinding work is complete. Additional work on the new bridge includes staining, painting, and aesthetic details.

Demolition work on the old bridge is planned in August. Demolition work includes installing sheet piles in the channel to divert water and prevent materials from the old bridge from entering the slough. An environmental monitor will be on site during this phase to ensure none of the work has a negative impact on the slough and wildlife.

Second District County Supervisor Janet Wolf said, “I am confident that park visitors, whether they arrive by car, bike, bus, or on foot, will be very pleased with the new bridge, which will complement the other amenities that we have at Goleta Beach County Park.”

Public Works Director Scott McGolpin said, “The new bridge is almost finished and it is great to be at a point where people can start to use it. We expect to celebrate the completion of the entire project with a ribbon cutting ceremony in a month.”

goleta beach bridge
Goleta Beach Bridge

July 3, 2017

Contractor MCM finished installing the water line pipe and began construction of the barrier slab at the northwest corner of the bridge. The barrier slab is a 20-inch thick reinforced concrete slab that rests on the soldier pile wall that helps keep the soil back. In addition, the aggregate base that lies underneath the asphalt road was placed and compacted. The contractor also started work on the barrier rail that will separate the new bike and pedestrian path from the roadway traffic.

June 26, 2017

This week, MCM Construction placed the concrete approach slabs that extend the bridge to the roadway. Next week, the contractors will finish laying down aggregate base. This base is the graded rock that lies underneath the asphalt road. The contractors will also install the blow off valve to the water line that can be opened to release pressure. 

June 9, 2017

MCM Construction completed the 10-inch fire hydrant water line tie-in. The contractor has also backfilled (placed approved material and compacted) against the backwalls of the bridge. This week, the contractor will work on the soldier pile retaining wall. This wall consists of vertical steel beams and horizontal timber that retain the soil on one side. Concrete will be poured next to the timber to create the front of the wall. The attached picture shows the soldier pile wall not long after the timber lagging was placed between the steel piles.


May 5, 2017

MCM Construction continued to relocate the water lines that serve the park. This work includes the 4” potable water line which will require pressure and chlorination testing in the upcoming weeks. Next week the contractor will remove falsework from the new bridge. Falsework is the wood forms and steel stringers that support the bridge while it is being built.  

April 28, 2017

After a winter hiatus, MCM Construction re-mobilized for the Goleta Beach Park Bridge Project. This week the contractor continued work on relocating the water lines that serve the park. The new water lines will become active in the upcoming weeks. Relocating the lines will require a temporary shutdown of water services to the park facilities including the restaurant. Notices will be given to the park facilities and restaurant five days in advance of the shutdown.

Contractor placing 4” water line and protective polyethylene wrapping

December 2, 2016 Update

This week at Goleta Beach Park Bridge the construction crews finished placing rebar that created the bridge deck surface. Once that was completed, they poured concrete into the forms to complete the bridge deck. Now that we are in the rainy season, the contractor is required to perform daily maintenance on the Best Management Practices which include things like silt fencing, stabilized construction entrance and exit, fiber rolls, sandbag barriers, and desilting basins. These are requirements of the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan. Next week the contractor will connect the 4-inch and 10-inch waterlines that run through the new bridge. The connection of the 4-inch waterline will require coordination with Beachside Café so we do not impact their operations. The contractor will also begin to prepare for the winter shutdown from December 1, 2016 - May 1, 2017. As usual MCM Construction provided traffic control on Sandspit Road to ensure the safety of the traveling public. For more information on this project and other Santa Barbara County Public Works Transportation Projects, visit You can also follow us on Facebook at, on Twitter at @cosbpublicworks, and on Instagram @sbcountypublicworks.

False work beams that will hold the new bridge over the Goleta slough.

October 10, 2016

This week at the Goleta Beach Bridge Project, the false work beams showed up at the site. The false work is the temporary structure that will hold the steel (rebar) and concrete until it can support itself. The false work will span the slough and Bio Resource Consultants will monitor the installation. The contractor completed work on the temporary shoring that will hold the soil in place while the contractor builds the abutment on the north side of the slough. Next week the contractor will begin to excavate out behind this abutment.

The contractor completed forming the abutment on the south side of the slough. The contractor finished excavating behind the abutment and began to backfill the area. This will take about a week to complete.

The 48" culvert pipes also showed up at the job site. The contractor will submit a plan on how to jack-and-bore the concrete pipes under the road. These pipes will reestablish wetlands on the north side of the road.

The contractor completed the timber lagging wall near the eastern approach to the new bridge. Lagging walls are used for preventing cave-ins in earthwork or for supporting an arch during construction. The contractor also finished chipping down concrete from the four 60"diameter piers (piles) to expose some of the rebar. The contractor will attach the 36"diameter rebar cages to the 60" diameter piles and pour concrete into the collars.

As usual MCM Construction provided traffic control on Sandspit Road to ensure the safety of the traveling public. You can also follow us on Facebook at, on Twitter at @cosbpublicworks, and on Instagram @sbcountypublicworks.

September 26, 2016

Many people noticed that this week at the Goleta Beach Bridge Project most of the very large equipment went away as Malcolm Drilling, Inc. the subcontractor to MCM Construction, completed all of their tasks and moved onto their next job.

The contractor continued work on the south side abutment with the placement of reinforced steel into the forms, and began to work on the soldier pile wall located on the north side of the slough. The soldier pile wall will form the eastern approach on Sandspit Road to the new bridge. It also reduces impacts to the Goleta Slough by minimizing the footprint. The Banker tanks we redrained and clean out. The Banker tanks are used to contain the water/slug that was displaced during the drilling operations. The water from the tanks was used to water the surrounding landscape.

Excavation around the piers/piles on the north side of slough was completed. The piers/piles need to be exposed approximately three feet so that collars can be installed and concrete poured inside. The contractor continued traffic control on Sandspit Road to ensure the safety of the traveling public.

Next week the contractor will start to backfill the abutment on the south side of the slough and begin to form up the north side abutment. The contractor will also work on extending the 60" piers/piles out of the ground. They will also continue to work on the soldier pile retaining wall on the west end of the project limits.

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Rebar placement for the abutment
Traffic control