This project was located on the north side of the 6500 block of Segovia Road, between Embarcadero Del Mar and Embarcadero Del Norte, in the unincorporated area of Isla Vista. Construction is complete on the installation of five-foot-wide sidewalks, replacement existing driveway approaches and installation of three curb ramps that meet ADA requirements. Additionally, a five-foot-wide sidewalk with retaining wall was constructed on the eastern side of Embarcadero Del Mar connecting the Segovia Road improvements with the existing sidewalks to the north, on Embarcadero Del Mar. Each new driveway approach required concrete or asphalt concrete conform pavement to match the adjacent private property grades. Installations of these improvements are consistent with the goals of the Isla Vista Master Plan and are funded by Measure A. Construction completed with minimal impact to the community. Public Works appreciates all your patience during this much needed project. For further questions please contact our Construction Section at 805‐681‐4990.

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