Santa Barbara County Public Works Transportation Division
Santa Barbara County Public Works Transportation Division

Planned Projects

San Ysidro Roundabout

The County of Santa Barbara is in the preliminary design phase of a roundabout at the San Ysidro Road intersection. The County and City of Santa Barbara, in coordination with the Santa Barbara County Association of Governments (SBCAG) are in the preliminary design phase of a roundabout at the Olive Mill intersection. The new intersection configuration will enhance traffic operations and safety for motor vehicles, bicyclists, and pedestrians. The project is related to the completion of the proposed improvements included in the South Coast Route 101 (US-101) High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes Project-North Segment (HOV Project) that will add an additional lane in both directions of travel for high occupancy vehicles during the peak hour.

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Hollister Avenue and State Street Improvements

Hollister Avenue from San Antonio Road to Modoc Road and State Street from Modoc Road to State Route 154 are primary thoroughfares in Santa Barbara County. This corridor serves as an alternative route to U.S. 101 and needs improvements to accommodate travel at current and future traffic volumes. Proposed improvements include two travel lanes in each direction with a center turn lane to improve circulation, sidewalks, bike lanes, enhanced bus stops, and a new railroad bridge. The project will promote a unified sense of community, improve public health and welfare, provide alternative routes, and stimulate economic development throughout the area. The County’s goal is to enhance the character and attractiveness of the corridor and to better define the area as a gateway between the City of Santa Barbara and the Eastern Goleta Valley.

Modoc Multi-use Path

The Caltrans Active Transportation Program (ATP) helps fund projects that encourage increased use of active modes of transportation such as walking and biking. Projects are selected through a statewide competitive process and approved by the California Transportation Commission (CTC) every two years. Following the evaluation process for this competitive program, CTC staff is recommending nearly $13 million in ATP funding for five projects, including $5.35M for a Class 1 multi-use trail/bike path along Modoc Road between La Cumbre Road and the Obern Trail near Hollister Avenue.

Hot Springs Road Bridge Repairs

This bridge was damaged during the 1/9 Debris Flow and the original railing was completely destroyed. This project will construct a barrier to replace the old rail and bring it up to current standards. Construction will begin later in 2021.

Hot Springs Road Storm Damage Repairs

The project is part of larger efforts to complete repairs to County facilities throughout Montecito damaged or destroyed during the January 9th Debris Flow Incident and subsequent storms. This project is tentatively scheduled to start in late April 2021, and will take about 3-4 weeks to complete.

Construction will include:

* Replacing damaged or destroyed asphalt curb on the east side of Hot Springs Rd.

* Re-grading the east shoulder to provide 5’ flat areas behind the curb.

* Resurfacing the roadway.

* Replacing damaged drainage inlets.

The project will be constructed entirely in the County’s road right of way. As part of the work, some encroachments may need to be altered or removed, including adjustments to driveway aprons and removal of vegetation in the right of way. Generally, this work is limited to 2-5’ behind the exiting curb. The project will include application of an asphalt micro surface treatment and restriping the road to narrow the travel lanes to 11’ wide and repaint the bike lane.

Brooktree Road Culvert Replacement

This project will replace a culvert on Brooktree Road in Montecito that was damaged by the 1/9 Debris Flow. Construction is expected to begin in mid-summer 2021 and finish by the fall.