Surface Treatments

Excerpt from RdMAP 2016/2017.

The annual Surface Treatment Program described in this RdMAP, is a 14 to 16 month, two-stage process of concrete repair and surface treatment application. The schedule for these stages of work is staggered so concrete repairs and maintenance preparations are completed by the spring, in time to apply the surface treatments during the summer and fall.

Concrete repair is the first stage in which staff conducts field reviews of all streets listed in the RdMAP.  Staff marks, measures, and logs all damaged concrete, identifies survey monuments, and prepares the plans and specifications.  Public Works then advertises and awards the concrete repair project, in accordance with the public contracting code, and sets the start date for the project. 

Once the concrete repair project is advertised, staff begins the design work on the second stage – the surface treatment.  The design work includes evaluating the pavement, marking and measuring failed areas, determining appropriate surface treatments, preparing plans and specifications, and locating survey monuments that would be disturbed by the construction activities.  Prior to the surface treatments, private contractors or County Forces perform roadway preparations including crack sealing, patching, dig-outs and leveling, as well as vegetation abatement such as tree trimming and weed removal.  Trees and other vegetation must be at least thirteen feet above the roadway to allow the construction equipment unobstructed access under the canopy. 

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